Evolution Mining strives to build relationships with our community stakeholders based on trust, mutual respect and genuine partnership. We want the communities in which we operate to be better off overall for us having been there.

Evolution are committed to ongoing community engagement throughout our exploration activities at Puhipuhi – that involves listening to the concerns of the community, responding openly and transparently and using community feedback to inform decision making.

Our approach to Community Engagement

Evolution has a Community Relations Policy and Community Principles that guide our behaviour when interacting with the community.

Our approach to community engagement at Puhipuhi involves:

  • responding to your queries and understanding your concerns and how you would like to be engaged;
  • identifying appropriate steps to mitigate any concerns;
  • providing verifiable, scientifically-based information to address concerns where we can;
  • letting you know how community feedback has been used to inform decision making;
  • where possible, maximising local procurement and local employment and training opportunities; and
  • identifying opportunities for community collaboration and partnership.

Engaging with landowners

We are committed to respecting the property and rights of landowners, the aspirations and values they hold in relation to their land and their health and safety concerns.

Cultural Heritage

Evolution New Zealand recognise the ancestral connection of Ngati Hau at Whakapara to the land and water within the Puhipuhi project area. We will seek their advice on Cultural Heritage matters in this area and work towards developing a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that Evolution employees and contractors follow agreed protocols when conducting exploration activities.

Environmental Baseline Study

Evolution has engaged independent Auckland-based consultancy Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP) to undertake a comprehensive baseline environmental monitoring programme which commenced in February 2016.

Input from the local community, including representatives of Ngati Hau and neighbouring hapu, will be used to develop a set of monitoring procedures designed specifically for Puhipuhi and adjoining areas based on shared understanding of the local environment.

Read more about Evolution’s Environmental Baseline Study here.

You can also read more about Evolution’s approach to community engagement at our operational sites in Australia here.